GUESTures I GOSTIkulacije
Published by Balkanet e.V Munich and Margareta Kern, with the kind support of Kulturreferats der Landeshauptstadt München and in collaboration with Red Min(e)d and Galerie Kullukcu & Gregorian, Munich and Myrdle Court Press, London, 2014. 
82 pages, paperback, full colour, June 2014. 

The publication GUESTures draws upon Margareta Kerns’ long term project and engagement with the overlooked histories of women “guest workers”, who came to West Germany from the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia during the wave of mass migration from the late 1960s, for (temporary) work. This publication documents the genealogy of the project, and is accompanied with texts by Natalie BayerNanna HeidenreichKatja Kobolt and Branislava Kuburović that further raise questions about the visibility of precarious histories and feminist migration archives; the politics of display and regimes of knowledge on migration; and the role of fiction in the stories of migration.

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Which Side is Art on? Dean Kenning and Margareta Kern, 
Art Monthly Feature, September 2013

In the face of government austerity measures which have squeezed artists and public arts provision more than any other sector, an elite art world has continued to prosper. Isn't it time that, in order to develop political agency in their work, artists begin to acknowledge this glaring dichotomy?

Talk Show on Resonance FM, 9th September 2013
Presented by Chris McCormack
Dean Kenning, Margareta Kern and Sophie J Williamson discuss art’s collusion with unquestioned capital. Listen to the podcast here.

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To Whom Does the World Belong?
Exhibition catalogue
(Serbian, English)
Published by the Cultural Centre Belgrade, 2015.

'The existential impulse – beatings of the heart – prevails over the stock exchange sound of the bell with its life force, while internalised contradictions of capitalism activate an affective space in which an emerging political articulation can be discerned as a demand for the construction of a different world. The politics of glitch in stopping the machinery of capitalism, the politics of hope in the universal dystopian image of an alienated world, movement of the revolution- body which lies motionless on the street – these are the red exhibition threads that the aesthetics of bare/scratched images are leading us through.'
Exhibition text by Jelena Petrović, Endowed Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.

Clothes for Living and Dying
Exhibition catalogue (English, Croatian)
Published by the University of Hertfordshire, UK
2008; Paperback, ISBN 978-1-905313-55-6

A fully illustrated catalogue with essays by Pennina Barnett, Dr Alex Rotas, Matthew Shaul and Margareta Kern.

Published on the occasion of the touring exhibition Clothes for Living and Dying, by Margareta Kern.